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  Your spine is designed to support your weight and protect your spinal cord. The spinal cord is the vital link that connects your brain to the rest of your body.

The spinal cord travels through your spine, which is made up of 24 separate, moving vertebrae.
  Spinal Care  

When these vertebrae become malpositioned, they can put pressure on the spinal cord and irritate the nervous system. Since the nervous system connects to every cell in your body, a problem in your spine can cause a problem with any tissue or organ in your body. This is why Chiropractors try to locate and correct these areas of spinal dysfunction.


STANDING. If your work requires a lot of standing, use a foot stool or a step to rest one foot on. This will help take the strain off the lower back. If you cannot use a foot stool, stand squarely on both feet without putting more of your weight on one foot than on the other. Try to hold your head so that you are always looking straight ahead, with your head and neck erect and upright. Avoid wearing high heels if possible. The higher the heel, the greater the arch in your lower back and the greater the subsequent stress.

SITTING. If you sit a lot during the day, it is imperative that you give proper support to your lower back. A straight back chair is preferable. If the chair does not have a straight back, then sit on the edge of your seat in the typing position. If your chair does not have a built-in back support or cushion, ask your doctor of chiropractic about a lumbar support pillow.

For driving, some cars have lumbar supports built into their seats. However, most seats fall short of offering an effective support for the lower back. Your doctor of chiropractic can recommend a lumbar support pillow for your car.

SLEEPING. As far as the back is concerned, the firmer the mattress the better. Placing a sheet of plywood underneath the mattress, especially if it is very soft, is also recommended for those who are prone to back problems. For the average person, a good quality firm mattress should provide sufficient support for the back.

Sleeping in the fetal position on your side is one of the best positions for your lower back. When sleeping on your side, put a pillow between your knees to take the pressure off your lower back. A position to avoid is sleeping on your stomach, as this can increase the incidence of low-back and neck pain. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow underneath your knees to flatten out the curve in your lower back. A good cervical pillow is also recommended for under your neck to help maintain the normal cervical curvature. Ask your doctor of chiropractic about cervical pillows.

The best way to rise from bed is to first turn on your side next to the edge of the bed so that your knees hang over the edge. Then sit up sideways, pushing yourself up with the elbow closest to the bed.

LIFTING. The first rule is never to lift an object that is too heavy for you to reasonably handle. The best way to lift an object from the floor is to squat down, grasp the object, then push up using your legs while keeping your back vertical (upright). Lift the object keeping it as close to your body as possible. If you are lifting an object off a table, move the object to the edge of the table before attempting to lift it.

Once you are holding a heavy object, avoid twisting your body from side to side. Instead, turn your body using your feet. If your job requires a lot of lifting, or your lower back is prone to injury, use a lumbosacral support belt to help protect your lower back from injury. Talk to your doctor of chiropractic about lumbar back supports.


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